Voting is Now Open for the 2015 Healthcare Excellence in Aquatics Award

Voting is Now Open for the 2015 Healthcare Excellence in Aquatics Award

HydroWorx is proud to announce that the polls are now officially open for the 2015 Healthcare Excellence in Aquatics Award! This award has been created to recognize those who have achieved exceptional rehabilitation results through the use of advanced water therapy.4Nominees

Determination. Innovation. Excellence.

Who doesn’t love a truly inspiring story? It is our human nature to be drawn to stories of individuals overcoming the odds, breaking through barriers and truly redefining what is possible. We have all been impacted, in one way or another, after hearing these remarkable stories. Behind these truly amazing rehabilitation stories are the clinicians and medical staff who also sacrificed to ensure these individuals would reach their goals.

The 2015 Healthcare Excellence in Aquatics Award will recognize clinicians who, despite all odds, garnered superior rehabilitation results through innovative and sometimes unconventional methods. Eligible pioneers relied on aquatics as a medium to help achieve exceptional results. 

You can vote once a day until midnight on January 28th to support your top pick. The winner of the 2015 Excellence in Aquatics Award will be announced in the HydroWorx Booth, #1310, at the American Physical Therapy Association’s Combined Sections Meeting in Indianapolis, IN on Friday February 6, 2015. 

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 *AND THE NOMINEES (in alphabetical order) ARE…..

  • Leg Up Farm for Helping a Pediatric Patient with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Reach His Goals 
  • Premier Rehabilitation’s for the Inspiring Rehabilitation of a Lumbar Spinal Fusion Patient 
  • Pullman Regional Hospital for the Innovative Therapy Program for a 3-year-old Patient Recovering from a Brain Tumor 
  • UP Rehab Services for the Remarkable Recovery of a Quadriplegic Patient


*Read the full descriptions of each rehabilitation story and place your votes today.

Stay tuned for the full stories of each nomination in the coming weeks!


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