Vote for February’s HydroWorx Charity Winner!

Vote for February’s HydroWorx Charity Winner!

It’s time for February’s “HydroWorx Year of Giving” poll!

Below, three employees have told us about their charities of choice.

Please read about their nonprofits and help us decide which one will receive $100 from HydroWorx!

Voting ends Sunday, March 6, at 11:59 p.m.

* * *

Employee: Jeff Luther

Charity: 4-H

I would like to nominate 4-H for this month’s recipient.

Being a former member and participant in 4-H, I know the positive impact that the organization can have on America’s youth and even families.

Being an organization that teaches today’s youth life skills in a fun, safe and healthy environment -vs- all of the negative paths that can be taken in today’s society, I know that such a contribution would be used to power a great program within the 4-H family!

* * *

Employee: Shawn Bowman

Charity: Wounded Warrior Project

I would like to donate to the Wounded Warrior Fund.

When I left the Army, I left a lot of life long friends behind and I always wonder where they are and if they “made it”.

We all see the stories on the news or in the papers of these guys coming home, being injured and having no way to support their families. These guys risked their lives and we need to do our best to repay them.

The hardest part for me is that they are all my “brothers”. It takes a “special breed” to be able to sacrifice like this.

* * *

Employee: Emily Medkeff-Rose

Charity: ECPAT

ECPAT International is an organization based in Thailand that works around the world to End Child Prostitution Child Phornography and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes.

If you go to their main website at you will find the work that they do and why it is so important. A recent article reports that in Atlanta and elsewhere “little girls are ordered on the internet like pizza.”  Runaways are sold into sex-slave rings and children are pimped out by parents and relatives.

This is a national and international crisis and needs much more attention and support than it is getting. I support ECPAT because it works at grassroots levels to stop the terror and tragedy of children who are exploited.

* * *



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