Value Added Through Aquatic Therapy

Value Added Through Aquatic Therapy

The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, “Adding Value Through Aquatic Therapy,” written by Bob Bowles and Diana Perez, PRT, DPT, from Saluda Nursing & Rehab Center and Evergreen Rehab in Saluda, SC and published on March 23, 2016 on McKnight’s website.

In today’s age, competition within senior facilities is extremely high which faces executives with one question each day, “Why should we choose your nursing center over another one?” An executive must be confident that they offer something within their facility that a patient won’t be able to find just anywhere else. The Saluda Nursing Center in Saluda, SC wanted to make sure they offered things that others didn’t. One of those differentiators was offering hydrotherapy to their patients. The administrator, Bob Bowles, who is a University of South Carolina Alum and supporter, discovered HydroWorx on a tour of the campus and knew that the pool could benefit their residents immensely. Their selling point was that you can get physical therapy anywhere but only at the Saluda Nursing Center could you receive hydrotherapy. Once established, the aquatic therapy program had a substantial impact on business for the nursing center. These positive impacts led to Saluda Nursing Center becoming a marketplace leader. Here are some of the ways that a HydroWorx pool has impacted Saluda Nursing Center:

  • Helps decrease the time a patient spends in the nursing center, getting them back home faster
  • Gives patients the ability to gain strength and mobility at a quicker rate
  • Allows patients to see progress and make gait improvements within the rehabilitation process through the use of underwater cameras
  • Regardless of physical concerns, patients of all ages can experience benefits from water therapy through in-patient or out-patient therapy

When trying to attract patients to your facility, it is important to consider what is going to make your facility stand out from your competition.

Watch the video to see how HydroWorx is making a difference at Saluda Nursing Center in Saluda, SC:

Read the full article here>>


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