Using HydroWorx to Combat Obesity

Using HydroWorx to Combat Obesity

The following blog post has been adapted from the article titled, A Growing Challenge, written by Daniel McCann from McKnight’s Long Term Care News.

It is extremely unfortunate and sad, but it is the truth: The number of obese individuals in America continues to increase. Daniel McCann conducted this article about how long-term care operators can go about serving these obese individuals. As you can suspect there are many things to consider and numerous challenges to face. ‘Challenges ranging from orienting staff to this special needs population, to acquiring specialized equipment and devising appropriate physical therapy and occupational therapy goals.’

This service goes well beyond physical assistance; it requires emotional and psychological aid. Mary Pidich, director of compliance and education for Select Rehabilitation in Chicago explains ‘Many people might have psychosocial issues with weight discrimination.” The staff members must be very sensitive and concerned about these individuals’ condition.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of American are obese (which is defined as having a body mass index of at least 30).

Having the proper equipment at the centers is extremely important not only for the patients but for the nurses too, in order to prevent injuries. Required and suggested equipment includes; beds, commodes, wheelchairs, lifts, scales, walkers and ceiling lifts.

Physical therapy and activity is a priority for bariatric patients. Vienna Lafrenz, OTR/L, CLT, rehabilitation education and compliance coordinator for West Region says that the ‘primary physical therapy priority for bariatric patients is to get them moving immediately.’

 Once the residents are mobile, it is important to gradually increase their level or exercise, however it may seem fitting. Use a variety of exercise and techniques has proven effective. Pidich adds that aquatic therapy is the most effective physical therapies for bariatric patients.

Aquatic exercise can feel almost effortless because of the body’s natural buoyancy in water.

Michele Reber, public relations director for HydroWorx, states “The reason overweight people often quit exercising is because of pain. They have that extra weight that’s hard on their knees and other joints. But when they get in water, it’s as though they’ve taken off 75% to 90% of their weight and the pain is gone.”

Using HydroWorx therapy pools are an injury free way to lose weight, remain active and build strength. To read the full article click here.

Be sure to watch the HydroWorx video about overcoming Obesity by clicking here. It is very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle and HydroWorx can help with that!


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