Upcoming Webinar Highlights Innovative Arthritis and Joint Replacement Aquatics Techniques

Upcoming Webinar Highlights Innovative Arthritis and Joint Replacement Aquatics Techniques

Upcoming Webinar Highlights Innovative Arthritis and Joint Replacement Aquatics Techniques 

Characterized by dull to intense joint pain (sometimes mixed with swelling that leads to immobility necessitating joint replacements), the musculoskeletal disorder that is commonly abbreviated as “arthritis” is an enormous concern for Americans.  In truth, there are hundreds of variations of this condition that, according to the Arthritis Foundation, strikes 50 million adults and 300000 children.  
Though arthritis is the leading cause for disability among those who are of working age, progressive therapies are being sought to treat the short- and long-term consequences of this condition, thereby enabling those with arthritis and arthritis-related joint replacements to enjoy higher qualities of life.  As a result of the low impact it places on joints and the healing properties of water, aquatics rehabilitation and exercise is one of the methods taking center stage among physical and occupational therapists looking to combat the effects of arthritis in their client populations.
HydroWorx, the premiere manufacturer of therapy pools equipped with underwater treadmills, variable-depth floors and resistance jets, is sponsoring a free webinar on September 4, 2013, from 1-2 p.m. EDT to tackle the topic: “Aquatic Management of Arthritis and Joint Replacements”.  
Led by Kurt Stork, Director of Rehabilitation Services for Four States Physical Therapy & Aquatic Rehabilitation in Galena, KS, the webinar will give attendees insights into how they can help clients tap into the natural healing and recovery properties of water.
During the hour-long webinar, guests will learn:
The early intervention and physiological benefits of aquatic therapies on patients who have arthritis, as well as those with arthritis who have undergone a joint replacement.
The advantages of aquatics-based continuing care and wellness programs.
How to combine traditional rehabilitation techniques with advanced aquatic technology to assist patients in returning to functional activity levels as soon as possible.
How to use aquatics to provide patients with pain relief, muscle strengthening, increased endurance, improved range of motion, improved gait, enhanced balance and increased circulation, and more.
Presenter Kurt Stork is passionate about the topic that has led him to his chosen field.  He graduated from Langston University in 1996 with a BS in Physical Therapy after completing undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University.  Stork’s professional interests include orthopedics, sports medicine, spine rehabilitation, manual therapy and geriatrics.
“Aquatic Management of Arthritis and Joint Replacement” is targeted to physical and occupational therapists, athletic trainers, and other professionals dealing with clients who are experiencing arthritis or the need for rehabilitation post-joint replacement operations.  
To register for “Aquatic Management of Arthritis and Joint Replacement”, please sign up at https://ww2.hydroworx.com/webinar-nrha.     
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