Untraditional Weight Loss "Program"

Untraditional Weight Loss "Program"

You can’t categorize everyone that is looking to lose weight into one box. Some are looking to lose 10 pounds, others 100.  Some are doing so for health reasons, others for self-confidence. Some find it easy, others find it hard.  Some want to diet, others want to exercise.

But there are a couple reasons that are true about most diets: they are time-starved and the more enjoyable the “program”, the higher chances they have of sticking to it.RadicalAquaticWeightLoss

One man found the perfect combination. As a businessman and father, Ken found a way to not only get a great workout and enjoy it but also do so efficiently. Thankfully for Ken, he had access to a facility near him, ACCUA which provided the ideal option: an underwater workout program. By doing an underwater workout Ken is able to work every muscle in his body within half an hour, enjoy a different workout every day to keep it fresh and reduce stress on his body from doing so while unweighted.  Ken, initially intrigued but unsure, signed up for a free trial and was hooked within minutes.  He immediately signed up for 14 sessions with the goals of weight loss and strengthening his chest but soon found he was also enjoying the secondary benefits of reduced stress levels and increased confidence.

Within a short amount of time, Ken had dropped 45 lbs and was feeling great!

Aquatic fitness offers a versatile way to work out and lose weight. Ken’s workout sessions were customized to his goals and his workouts changed from session to session. Using different types of pool equipment offers the ability to target different areas of the body.  In the example session (video link below), Ken used a tennis racket and beach ball for core strengthening, a medicine ball, resistance jets and the side of the pool for upper body work and an underwater treadmill with resistance jets for cardiovascular endurance and leg strength.


As evidenced in this video, working out in the water may feel “easier” since you’re at a reduced body weight, but it doesn’t always mean it will be easy! In order to get results, it requires a lot of hard work and dedication- But those results sure are worth it!


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