Tommy Lasorda, Staying Active, Continuing To Share Baseball Passion

Tommy Lasorda, Staying Active, Continuing To Share Baseball Passion

This spring, Tommy Lasorda, 84, continues to share his baseball knowledge at the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Camelback Ranch complex.

“I love to teach the game,” he says. “I love being out here with the guys.”

Lasorda devotes about 12 hours each day instructing, mentoring, and interacting with Dodger players.  He can be seen driving his golf cart from field-to-field with personal assistant Colin Gunderson.  Being one of the liveliest personalities in camp, he loves joking around with the players.

In a recent practice,  Lasorda yells to newly acquired second baseman Mark Ellis, “God must really love you, Ellis.”

Why is that, Tommy?” Ellis replies.

“Because after all those years in that other [expletive] league, he finally made you a Dodger.”

This example is one of the reasons why he remains such a beloved figure in not only the organization, but around the league.

Lasorda is best known for his time spent as Dodgers manager from 1977 to 1996.  In that span, he won a total of four National League pennants and two World Series.  He would end up retiring as manager in 1996 following a heart attack.  Not much was heard from him until he reemerged by managing the U.S. Olympic team to a gold medal in 2000.

Each night in the clubhouse, Lasorda and Gunderson are among the last members left.  “Tommy, it’s time for your workout,” Gunderson says.  Lasorda eagerly gets into a warm pool with a treadmill on the bottom.  Resistance jets blow water toward his chest while he walks on the facility’s HydroWorx aquatic fitness treadmill.

His workout includes 200 repetitions of pulling plastic oars through the water as he battles the jets.  He does 50 repetitions one way and switches to the other.“Give me some more juice!” Lasorda shouts to Gunderson.  Lasorda has very good health for his age.  He takes pride and feels great after his daily workouts.

Tommy Lasorda is an icon in the game of baseball.  There’s nothing he loves more than putting on the Dodger blue, and helping others achieve greatness.  There are very few that match the passion and energy he displays on a regular basis.  We are glad to have the Dodgers as HydroWorx customers, and wish them the best in health and performance for the upcoming season.

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