Teams with HydroWorx Team with Winners

Teams with HydroWorx Team with Winners

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Teams with HydroWorx Team with Winners

Middletown, PA-HydroWorx strives to provide our sports clients with the ultimate in aquatic therapy to keep them performing at peak levels. We take joy in keeping elite athletes healthy, fit, and dominant. As such, we’re especially excited when we review the teams who’ve won championships over the last six months:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s vaunted athletic department has been benefitting from an array of eight HydroWorx ThermalPlunge and PolarPlunge pools for years. Now, the Tar Heel teams, including the 2009 NCAA men’s basketball national champions, will reap further therapy and fitness benefits from running underwater in a HydroWorx 1100 Series pool.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have rehabilitated and trained in their HydroWorx 1000 Series pool since 2004—with fantastic results. This past winter, they also utilized the HydroWorx 1000 Series, ThermalPlunge, and PolarPlunge Pools at the University of South Florida in preparation for Super Bowl 43. The Steelers won the Big Game and an NFL record sixth world championship.

The Steelers’ Head Strength Coach, John Norwig, tells us, “I don’t think there’s anything on the market that is better. I would enthusiastically recommend the company and the product to anyone looking for a therapy pool”.

The Philadelphia Phillies stay fit and healthy for the long MLB season with their HydroWorx 1000 and plunge pools at their Spring Training facility in Florida. They return home to Pennsylvania for the regular season to their 2000 Series underwater treadmill, ThermalPlunge, and PolarPlunge pools. With a cohesive team and HydroWorx hydrotherapy in their dugout, it’s no surprise that the Phillies absolutely tore through the competition last fall to win their second World Series title in the club’s history.

We may be biased, but we’ve noticed a trend—the best accept only the best aquatic therapy. HydroWorx is proud to call so many champions our customers.


Nicole Biesecker
Media Relations


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