Study Talks Arthritis, Exercise and Pain Management

Study Talks Arthritis, Exercise and Pain Management

Chronic pain as a result of arthritis is apparently keeping some men and women from getting fit and staying healthy, according to a recent study.  A whopping 56.5% of the females and 40% of males who were examined were labeled as “inactive”, due to their reticence to exercise because of pain concerns.

Ironically, their natural leanings run counter to research that shows arthritis discomfort can be lessened through daily movement.

At HydroWorx, we’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stories of many clients who have found lasting pain management by working out regularly on an underwater treadmill.  The warmth of the aquatic environment, combined with the constant (but always low-impact) motion, leaves them feeling stronger and more relaxed after each session.

As a testimonial to the power of water as it pertains to arthritis sufferers, check out this great video from ACCUA, one of HydroWorx’s premiere partners:


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