5 Reasons Why Aquatics is Valuable for Your Community

5 Reasons Why Aquatics is Valuable for Your Community

Are you considering adding aquatic therapy to your senior living community?

Adding aquatic therapy can produce a safe and comfortable environment for your residents and your community members to rehabilitate and condition.

Here are 5 equitable reasons why aquatics is valuable to your community:

  1. Fall Reduction. Statistics show that as people age their risk of injury due to a fall increases. The natural properties of water allow residents to feel comfortable in a HydroWorx doing movements that would otherwise be too difficult or painful to do on land. The features that our pools offer—ascending/descending floor, underwater treadmill, camera and video monitoring, and resistance jets—allow physical therapists to prevent injuries before they happen.
  2. _DSC7291Increased Lengths of Stay. Water allows residents to recover safely, quickly and effectively from injury or surgery.  Exercising in water also builds strength and endurance to enable individuals to maintain their activities of daily living longer. This allows them to stay independent longer, reducing a facilities overall expense when they are able to increase their length of stay in Independent Living or Assisted Living Communities.
  3. Wellness Programs. Many seniors desire to keep an active lifestyle. Despite any physical conditions they often want to continue to stay fit. Offering programs with aquatic therapy opens the door for people with many different conditions to exercise. While patients are in the water they are challenged to go beyond their comfort zones and to push their limits in a safe environment. HydroWorx pools offer many features that can change the intensity of a program like the multi-use jet system, adjustable floor, and massage treatment.
  4. Additional Revenue. Being able to offer some of these services to residents as well as community members can be a great way to generate additional revenue. Grabbing the attention of residents to participate in aquatic therapy can lead to, private pay services, outsourcing pool space for rehabilitation services, and admissions and census growth. Additionally, opening your pool to the community promotes goodwill, inter-generational interaction and branding for future residents.
  5. Becoming the Community of Choice in Your Area. By offering the same high-tech aquatic therapy used by professional athletes is a great amenity for recruiting new residents to your community. Getting the name of your community out in the surrounding areas, along with the services and amenities you offer brings the potential for growth.

To read more about these 5 benefits to having an HydroWorx pool and read case studies and clinical studies about these benefits, click here>>



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