Running Phenom, Mo Farah, Trains in HydroWorx Pool

Running Phenom, Mo Farah, Trains in HydroWorx Pool

As the London Olympics are fast approaching, the pressure is on for these hopefuls to maximize their training in anticipation of the Olympic trials.

Mo Farah, the international running star, has been featured running at the Oregon Project facility using the HydroWorx fitness pool. Farah’s use of the exercise pool increases both the intensity and diversity of his training program. Unlike running on the road or a traditional treadmill, when an athlete is running underwater they are carrying only 25% body weight because of the buoyancy of the water, therefore eliminating the risk of injury. When you run a 100 miles or so a week, being able to unload your body weight for some of the miles can be a beautiful thing!

Check out the video for yourself and watch this Olympic athlete’s training techniques.


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