Running Made Easier in HydroWorx Pool

Running Made Easier in HydroWorx Pool

You can run (literally), but you can’t hide… especially from the stresses of recreational or professional foot racing.  That’s one of the reasons that John, 51, began to work out in the HydroWorx physical therapy pool at Summit Place, Senior Living Campus, Eden Prairie, MN, in November of 2008.

John had been a runner for 29 years, but he knew that he had to begin mixing up his workouts in order to avoid injuries that often come with running.  Such problems can affect the knees, spine, hips, ankles and other areas of the body that repeatedly absorb the stresses associated with running.

Since 2008, John’s been working with Christine Shidla, Director of Wellness, Summit Place, and reducing the impact on his joints by exercising frequently in the HydroWorx pool while remaining in incredible shape.

We wish John all the best of luck in his upcoming races… and we thank Shidla for sharing her thoughts in the video below!


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