Randolph YMCA is Now Offering the Future of Fitness: A Pain Free Way to Exercise!

Randolph YMCA is Now Offering the Future of Fitness: A Pain Free Way to Exercise!

On Saturday, Murphy Grant, Director of Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer from the University of Kansas,offered an unbelievable 45-minute pool workout for Randolph YMCA members. This fall the Y became the proud owners of three X80 portable underwater treadmills that were placed in their warm water therapy pool.  The bootcamp was meant to totally transform the way YMCA members thought about their workouts.  After hand selecting athletes within Randolph YMCA’s community who typically do not usually utilize the warm water therapy pool, it was up to Grant and his incredible bootcamp to prove to these members that you can achieve a great workout in the water without the stress and pain of land based workouts.

As Marcello, a YMCA member and bootcamp participant posts on his blog: “For some of my friends who have bad knees or sensitive joints, they didn’t know that they’d be able run again and recapture their youth. And for a few of my fellow health and wellness enthusiasts, we didn’t know that a whole new world of high intensity low-impact workouts were about to be added to our fitness routine.”

HydroWorx underwater treadmills have become the fitness and rehab standard for elite sports teams like the Jets, Giants, Mets, Nets and Eagles.  The sports medicine staff at these institutions, as well as the staff at the Randolph YMCA, know the secrets to exercising in a pain free environment while reaping incredible performance benefits.


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