Part 4: “What’s the Right Pool for Your Family and Your Home?”

Part 4: “What’s the Right Pool for Your Family and Your Home?”

A Four Part Series from our Residential Expert, Michele Reber

Being with HydroWorx Pools for many years, I have realized a lot of homeowners have some great questions about what to look for when buying a pool- there are so many different models out there, how can you possibly narrow your search down?  This series covers 4 important questions to ask yourself when considering a pool for your home.

Part 4:  How does delivery and installation of a fiberglass pool work?

  1. The design of the pool should begin months before the actual delivery of the pool.  While you can create your own design, most individuals work with a contractor and an architect.  HydroWorx also provides assistance during the design phase through our Design department.  Our Design professionals provide assistance regarding the installation of the pool and location of the equipment in the room.  I would recommend completing the design of your pool at least 90 days before you are ready to receive the pool.   HydroWorx will also assist your team through the entire installation process. We offer an installation guide and video, as well as technical support through our home office!Mike Hofherr Residence 019
  2. It is important when purchasing a pool to know what timeframe you would like to have it delivered.  At HydroWorx, our lead time usually runs between 90-120 days.  This can vary depending on the time of year and our production schedule.  It seems like a pretty long time, however, most customers need this time to prepare the site for their pool delivery. Often there is excavation that needs to be done, permits to be submitted and contractors to be hired.  We are always happy to assist in helping you and your family determine the best time to order your pool for a smooth delivery.  We commit to working with our customers to ensure a smooth delivery and try to accommodate the occasional customer who needs there pool in a shorter time frame.
  3. The day of your pool delivery is determined 4-6 weeks before the pool is delivered.  HydroWorx sends out a delivery confirmation form to ensure you are aware of when your HydroWorx pool will arrive at your home!  The pool and equipment are delivered on a flatbed truck. It is important that the customer be aware that they will need a lull or forklift to remove the pool and equipment from the truck.  The pool is then checked and assessed by the contractor to make sure there has been no damage during the delivery process- while this is a rare occurrence; HydroWorx wants to make sure you receive your HydroWorx Pool in 100% perfect condition!

The next thing to consider is when will your home be ready for a pool? From there you will need to determine when an order should be placed in order to ensure a timely delivery. Certainly the amount of time it takes to have a pool delivered will depend on the company from which you are purchasing the pool. While we cannot speak for all other manufacturers (they might be anywhere from one week to one year), but we can however can give you an idea of how long our pools take.

It is important to work closely with your contractor and/or architect to determine when you will need the pool delivered to eliminate the pool sitting outside the installed area.

We also provide assistance through the entire installation process- from a complete installation guide to technical support through our home office.

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