One HydroWorx Pool, Many Benefits

One HydroWorx Pool, Many Benefits

There’s no question that we’re passionate here at HydroWorx about our aquatic therapy products and equipment.  On a weekly basis, we receive kudos from people around the country who have either invested in a HydroWorx pool or use/used one.

Mark Roberts, the Center Manager at Drayer Physical Therapy in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is one of the latest individuals we interviewed to discuss how his HydroWorx 750 pool has been a boon to his business.

In the video below, Roberts explains the five major advantages to his practice having a HydroWorx physical therapy pool onsite:

1.  At Drayer Physical Therapy, the team keeps their pool at a comfortable 92 degrees.  This temperature provides a calming, soothing exercise environment for everyone, especially patients suffering from chronic back pain.

2.  Roberts has noticed that pediatric patients find the HydroWorx pool to be an enjoyable way to get the physical therapy they need.

3.  Not to be outdone by their younger counterparts, the geriatric patients who come to Drayer also love getting into the water to do part of their PT.

4.  Stroke patients who work with Drayer Physical Therapy and his colleagues can use the HydroWorx 750 pool to safely work on their balance.  On land, they might not feel as secure because of the worry of falling, which is a real concern depending upon their level of imbalance.

5.  Having a HydroWorx pool has enabled Drayer Physical Therapy to expand its referral base.  When physicians’ groups hear that a HydroWorx unit is available to their patients, they are often quick to send people to Roberts for their therapeutic needs.


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