NIU Athlete Avoids Surgery with Aquatic Therapy

NIU Athlete Avoids Surgery with Aquatic Therapy

Collegiate-level football players frequently suffer injuries. Consequently, it’s important for their athletic trainers to be able to rehab them efficiently and effectively.

When one of Kammy Powell’s Northern Illinois University (NIU) athletes experienced a left adductor longus avulsion and a partial left adductor brevis avulsion, she turned to the team’s HydroWorx therapy pool. With the HydroWorx, her player was able to avoid surgery and make a solid comeback.

During an exclusive interview, Powell highlighted some of the reasons she feels having an underwater treadmill pool has been a boost to NIU’s football program:

  • The HydroWorx is a way to get hurt players rehabbing as soon as possible in a warm environment that mimics weightlessness.
  • Underwater cameras attached to a video screen allow athletic trainers to precisely evaluate a player’s gait, thus avoiding further harm.
  • It’s possible to get a good muscle burn on the HydroWorx, so players want to rehab on the unit.

To hear more from Powell and watch a typical NIU underwater treadmill rehab protocol, check out the video below:

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