Nick Berra Discovers HydroWorx Unit’s Therapeutic Value

Nick Berra Discovers HydroWorx Unit’s Therapeutic Value

Nick Berra, a 42-year-old masters runner from Pennsylvania, has been a longtime supporter of the HydroWorx underwater treadmill.  In fact, he regularly highlights his aquatics workouts at his blog and guest writes for this one, too.

Recently, a bit of an injury caused him to appreciate how varied the HydroWorx unit is in terms of its usefulness.  Check out part of what he had to say (and then read the whole post if you’d like HERE):

“After “taking one for the team” on Tuesday evening, I spent Wednesday and Thursday in the pool.  I called some of my medical consultants and got the scoop on a shin hematoma – best course of action seemed to be compression, massage, ice, and getting the blood flowing.  I found out that another (previously unknown) advantage of the HydroWorx pool is that in situations like mine running in the pool helps the recovery process due to the hydrostatic pressure that comes with having your lower leg 3-4′ underwater.  I didn’t need to be convinced, I just got in and started running.  It never really hurt to walk after getting hit – it just felt very tight.  In the pool it felt fine though, so I went 30 minutes on Wednesday and 45 minutes a little harder on Thursday.”

Happy to help out, Nick!  Good luck on all your upcoming races!


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