New Webinar: Progression of Foot and Ankle Injury Rehabilitation Using Aquatic Therapy

New Webinar: Progression of Foot and Ankle Injury Rehabilitation Using Aquatic Therapy

Web_PBP0966rwebinarFoot and ankle injuries are often seen in athletes and active adults, but can occur in anyone. Because the feet and ankles take the brunt of impact for the body, these injuries often require a strategic recovery plan from non weight-bearing to full weight-bearing.

Join us on Tuesday, November 24 from 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST for the free webinar, “Progression of Foot and Ankle Injury Rehabilitation Using Aquatic Therapy.” Our presenter, Cheryl Bennett, PTA, CGT, Aquatic Therapist at University Physical Therapy, part of the nationally recognized OrthoCarolina orthopedic practice, will provide treatment ideas for using aquatic therapy for foot and ankle injuries during early stage rehab as well as during the transition from non or partial weight-bearing to full weight-bearing.

The webinar will show how aquatic therapy can be used to progress patients to land-based therapy more safely and easily. Cheryl will present practical exercises utilizing varying water depths for foot and ankle injuries including sprains, fractures and surgical repairs. This webinar will provide specific flexibility and strengthening strategies to help patients regain weight bearing ability as they transition to land rehab.  These strategies are developed to safely, efficiently and effectively regain full weight bearing with decreased pain and increased range of motion.

As a result of attending this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • A guided approach for ankle flexibility, ROM and lower extremity strengthening
  • A progression of weight bearing and transition from an aquatic environment to land using water’s buoyancy and resistive qualities
  • How to use water for specific limitations of weight bearing per diagnoses
  • Effective techniques for strengthening of lower extremity and core muscles to gain and maintain flexibility as well as muscular strength and endurance

Cheryl will review three cases to demonstrate how these strategies were used in practical clinical situations.

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