Never Losing A Step

Never Losing A Step

Last month we made a special visit to Life Enriching Communities: Twin Towers in Cincinnati  OH to speak to some residents about why they use and enjoy the HydroWorx underwater treadmill.  The second of our three interviews conducted was with Marty Hussman, who enthusiastically shared how it impacted her life!

After hearing about the HydroWorx underwater treadmill, Marty knew that this was the right product for her.  Her current therapy goal is trying to avoid having surgery on a painful knee.

You can find Marty utilizing our treadmill twice a week after her aquatic aerobics class.  She began with 15 minute workouts and can now go over 30 minutes at a time!  She takes full advantage of the pools by staying in after her 30 minute session if no one else signs up in the next time slot.  After her shift from a standard to underwater treadmill, Marty has experienced reduced pressure on her knees during the workout.

Hussman takes part in regular mile walks around her neighborhood.  She believes that the underwater treadmill has not only strengthened her leg muscles, but has also prevented pain during regular land exercise.

Marty tells us about her experience with climbing up and down a gorge with no help at all (something she says couldn’t have been done without aquatic therapy).  As you watch the interview, it’s great to see her face glow as she tells her stories of accomplishing things independently.  She continues by explaining her hobby of climbing lighthouses.  As you probably know, there are ton of steps- making it difficult, even for the most fit, to reach the top.  This is a tough task for anyone, let alone a 70 year old.  Marty explains:

“It isn’t something I was able to do before water aerobics.  Now that we have the (HydroWorx) treadmill, I really think it’s helped.”

We would like to thank Marty for sharing her experience with using HydroWorx! Be sure to watch the full video to hear the testimonial about the pool right from Marty herself.


Page Updated on: March 31, 2020


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