Making HydroWorx Sport Training Twice as Good

Making HydroWorx Sport Training Twice as Good

Thirty-second single leg hops.

Power walking against water jets.

Tricep extensions.

These are just some of the drills that Bobby and Ryan, Minnesotan athletes, do in the HydroWorx physical therapy pool at ACCUA PT.  Coached by Dan Kallberg (who really puts them through their paces!), the guys have a seriously hard workout, which is shown in this video.

Kallberg has adapted common land-based sports training options and turned them into aquatic athletic training drills.  He prefers to train both young men at the same time in the HydroWorx pool (despite the fact that they are in different sports), as doing so leads to heightened levels of:

  • Efficiency & effectiveness
  • Camaraderie
  • Competitiveness

In the end, it’s great proof that two CAN be better than one…!


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