It’s because We Love Water!

It’s because We Love Water!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In honor of this day of love we wanted to highlight those who have expressed their love of water and aquatic therapy. Let us know why you love water too…either comment below or tell us on Facebook!

“I couldn’t wait to get in the pool, for one to break up everything and not have 3 full days out there, but also for something different…if it wasn’t for doing anything in the pool then I really wouldn’t be doing a whole lot.” -Staff. Sgt. Casey Church, user at Alton Physical Therapy

“HydroWorx continues to be a big part of my training, it’s obviously paying off, starting the season off really well and I just wanna say thank you guys for all your support for what I’m doing and the rest of my Oregon Project teammates.” -Galen Rupp, user and Olympic Silver Medalist

“Carrie can work out and not have impact that she would have on land so she can work out really hard in the pool with no impact and really keep herself in top condition.” -Dan Kallberg, ACCUA Fitness Co-Owner

“This is one of the things that gives me hope. I would have to be almost dead not to make my water appointment.” -Mary, user at Pieters Family Life Center

“This helped me get back into motion and get back going again, and the treadmill is so natural, for me I couldn’t believe it. I felt like I was back on the roads running again.” -Dave Cummings, user at ACCUA Fitness 

_DSC7549“It works wonders in terms of making that transition from running in the pool and then getting them on land.” -Scott Taka, Athletic Trainer for Chicago White Sox


“One of the things that I asked my scientific advisers was ‘What are the cross training modalities that are best for distance running?’ and they told me that the one single best cross-training modality out there for my distance runners was the HydroWorx Underwater Treadmill.” -Alberto Salazar, Olympic Coach

“I’ve run on the HydroWorx for probably  3-4 years now, especially now as I have gotten older. I find it is a great way to augment my land miles by getting in the pool- either for long slow distance work or even intervals now and then to break up the monotony or to give my legs a rest.” – Nick Berra, user of HydroWorx Treadmill

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