Love May Be in the Air for Most, but It’s in the Water for Us!

Love May Be in the Air for Most, but It’s in the Water for Us!

The old story says that George Washington was unable to tell a lie.  We at HydroWorx cannot tell a lie, either.  So on this month of presidents and red hearts, we must admit that around here, we absolutely, positively and completely love water!

There are tons of reasons for our adoration of the stuff made up of two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules.  Below are just a few that will give you a better understanding of why water to us is truly the stuff of life, longevity and happiness.

“This is one of the things that gives me hope. I would have to be almost dead not to make my water appointment.” -Mary, user at Pieters Family Life Center

  • More than 70% of the world is actually made of water, and our bodies are comprised of up to 60% of this liquid.  Some organisms and plants are actually around 90% water!  That’s a good starting point to show how integral it is to daily life._DSC7459
  • Water is essential to good health, starting from the inside.  By drinking the recommended 6-8 glasses of water each day, the average person will start to see a huge difference in his or her body.  This can include increased stamina, improved sleep, clearer skin, better digestion and a more focused mind.
  • On the outside, water keeps us clean, as well as improves the humidity level in the air.  This helps moisturize our skin, keep our eyes feeling comfortable (have you ever experienced dry eyes due to an arid climate?) and can even keep illnesses at bay.
  • Water can help the body heal itself.  As we see every day, the people who perform physical therapy in our HydroWorx pools regularly feel like they are on the path to wellness.  Whether recovering from surgery, coming back after a sports injury or dealing with natural aging processes, they report that their bodies respond positively to rehab in water.
  • Water is the ideal exercise medium for anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you’re obese, a senior, or you’re a child weighing 50 pounds: The water can be a place to exercise and burn calories.  Thanks to water’s buoyancy, up to 80% of a person’s weight is offset when an individual is in the pool.  Even someone who weighs 500 pounds will only feel like he or she weighs 100 pounds when submerged to the chest.  (This is one of the reasons HydroWorx was chosen as an equipment partner for competitors on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”)
  • Water provides us with a perfect forum in which to play with friends or bask in the beauty of nature.  No wonder the beach is one of the top vacation places to go!  And we certainly couldn’t boat or fish without water.
  • Water helps to reduce soreness in muscles.  When exercisers such as elite runners are trying to lessen the lactic acid build-up after a particularly rough workout or meet, they often turn to working out or getting a hydromassage in the HydroWorx pool to combat discomfort from muscle aches.

“Aquatherapy is one of the greatest therapies that I can have. It’s such a huge feeling of joy that like I’m doing this, I’m standing up, I’m me again.” – Brian Keefer, HydroWorx User

The renowned poet W.H. Auden famously noted that “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water.”  While that may be true, on this February 14, we wish you the joy and rewards of both!




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