Looking for Strategies to Treat Low Back Pain? Access this Webinar On-Demand

Looking for Strategies to Treat Low Back Pain? Access this Webinar On-Demand

KUphotocropOn March 19, 2015, we hosted a webinar titled, “Strategies for Treating Low Back Injuries with Aquatic Therapy.” In this webinar, Murphy Grant, MS, LAT, PES Assistant Athletic Director – Sports Medicine and Head Football Athletic Trainer at University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS discussed common injuries to the back and how to use water to treat low back injuries.

“Back pain is one of the great human afflictions.” Low back pain can affect nearly 85% of all adults, is one of the most common causes of referral to physical therapy, and one of the leading causes of disability. Because it is a complex region, Murphy spent some time, during the webinar, reviewing the anatomy of the lumbar spine, including common injuries. He also discussed why aquatic therapy is a beneficial modality.

Murphy spent a good amount of time reviewing protocols that can be used in the pool, to treat low back pain. He discussed different protocols specifically for those with lumbar sprains and muscular strains, fractures and dislocations, contusions, and herniated discs and discogenic disease, including things such as:

  • Working continued mobility through the hip to maintain range of motion
  • Core stability to simplify movement
  • Add movement exercises to focus on strengthening
  • Increase lumbar and thoracic spine mobility and stabilization

Murphy walks through many protocols using video to focus on each of these areas, while identifying key movements on which to focus to make each exercise effective. Murphy has seen a lot of success with aquatic therapy for all types of low back pain. The key to using the pool is to use it as a part of rehabilitation to prepare athletes or patients to get back to their regular activity.

He also gave in depth answers to various questions questions at the end of the webinar, that you won’t want to miss. Watch the webinar on-demand to learn strategies and protocols for treating low back pain>>

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