Laminectomy Pain Lessened in HydroWorx Pool

Laminectomy Pain Lessened in HydroWorx Pool

“She had a smile on her face.”

That’s how Ron Kleinman describes Annie, one of his patients at Professional Therapy Associates in Akron, OH, when he remembers her first experience in the HydroWorx physical therapy pool his facility offers.

Annie has had three laminectomy surgeries* in her medical history.  Laminectomy surgery is that which removes the lamina or covering on the spinal chord to relieve pressure.  In Annie’s case, her laminectomies were performed as a direct result of an heavy lifting injury she suffered over 30 years ago. 

(*According to the Mayo Clinic, it’s not unusual for someone to have several laminectomy surgeries throughout his or her lifetime, as relief may be temporary.)

To hear more about Annie’s three-year progression toward a life that includes less pain, please look at the video below:


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