Jump in the Water for Successful Marathon and Triathlon Training!

Jump in the Water for Successful Marathon and Triathlon Training!

The following article has been contributed by satisfied HydroWorx customer, Mike Studer, PT, MHS, NCS, CEEAA, President of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, Salem, OR.

Ground reaction forces, shearing, microtear, compression fracture, shin splints. These are but a few of the pitfalls of training for long distance athletes. Whether you are a 140.6 (the distance for an Iron-Man triathlon in miles) or a 26.2 (marathon), your magic may come from training in some good old H2O. As a competitive triathlete and marathoner, as well as PT, I frequently insert a run in our HydroWorx 500 Series as a part of my training plan. In my daily clinical practice, I utilize our HydroWorx pool to help patients recover and perform to their fullest capacities, we all do that. However, the technology is underutilized as a training tool for the NON-INJURED athlete. As I train for an upcoming marathon in May, I am using the 500 Series in three specific ways:

1) Speedwork early in the week after a weekend race. As with most marathon training plans, there is some structure to what type of run you have on each day of the week. Weekends are often saved for a long run or a tune-up race. When that speedwork day rolls around, what better way to work your legs against resistance, yet avoid the ground reaction forces after you are broken down from that weekend race or long run? Turn up the speed on the underwater treadmill and hit the jets for some interval training!

2) Added mileage and minutes. Try finishing a long run with a few more minutes and miles in your HydroWorx pool. Rinse off first!

3) Ahhh…hydromassage! Sometimes I open the ports fully, hold onto the bars and float my feet up against the jets for pure bliss.

4) Taper week. Several of my friends recently used our pool to run their final taper runs underwater. Avoiding all of those evils listed at the top of this article. That’s all for now. I am done typing (while on my stationary bike)….time for bed, 20-miler in the morning, with a hydromassage to follow!


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