Innovative HydroWorx Pools for the Home

Innovative HydroWorx Pools for the Home

 HydroWorx’s Innovative “Fountain of Youth” Pools Now Available to Homeowners

 HydroWorx pools… They’ve been touted as a “fountain of youth” for men and women who want to feel good, stay healthy and enjoy fitness for life.  Now, HydroWorx has introduced pools with integrated underwater treadmills and powerful resistance therapy & swim jets that individuals and families can utilize in the privacy of their homes.

Middletown, PA – It seems Ponce de Leon was a few centuries too early.  In his quest to discover the Fountain of Youth, he never came across a HydroWorx pool.  It’s a pity, too, for HydroWorx pools with embedded underwater treadmills and resistance therapy & swim jets have been helping individuals of all ages and any fitness levels stave off Mother Nature’s effects for almost 20 years.  And now, the company that’s been heralded internationally by prestigious hospitals and rehabilitation centers, professionals sports teams and the United States military are available for homeowners.

What makes HydroWorx pools different is their phenomenally streamlined design and integrated underwater treadmills and resistance therapy and swim jets that come standard on all their therapy pools.  By harnessing water’s innate power to help users gain muscle, build endurance, lose weight, stay healthy and rehabilitate without pain or overuse injury risk, HydroWorx has engineered technologically-advanced pools that have gained worldwide appeal.

The experts at Baltimore’s Kennedy Krieger Institute use their HydroWorx pool on a daily basis to help clients recover from serious spinal injuries.  One of their quadriplegic patients, Brian Keefer, featured on ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, is hoping to one day walk on land thanks to his physical therapy and rehabilitation in his family’s HydroWorx pool.

Overweight and obese adults have adopted HydroWorx as a safe means for losing pounds and inches.  On The Biggest Loser, contestants were introduced to underwater workouts on the underwater treadmill and enjoyed the pain-free results they received.  Even senior citizens plagued with nagging osteoarthritis, bursitis and other conditions whose weight hadn’t budged in years have been able to safely move, walk, run, and feel great thanks to HydroWorx.

HydroWorx pool for a home

HydroWorx technology has been used by tens of thousands of professional and collegiate athletes for cross-training and physical therapy.  Olympian runners Mo Farah and Galen Rupp supercharged their careers (and snagged world records and honors along the way) by supplementing their weekly mileage in HydroWorx Pools with the underwater treadmill and resistance jets.  Their coach, legendary marathoner Alberto Salazar, has been such a supporter of underwater training that he’s co-written a guide to underwater running.

In response to a desire for HydroWorx pool models that are perfect for home use, HydroWorx has redesigned a series of pools specifically made for homeowners: the L-Series, T-Series and 1200 Series.  All models boast the advantages for which HydroWorx has become known:  underwater treadmills, resistance therapy and swim jets with deep tissue massage capabilities and options for the whole family to enjoy. Now the same technology that has been used by professionals for years is available in the comfort of your own home!

Purchasers of HydroWorx home pools rave about their experiences and the value their pools bring to their lives and the lives of their family members:

  •  “My husband and I wanted something we could have many options with… With the HydroWorx system, we can train in the pool by swimming, running and walking…”
  •  “I suffer from a spinal cord injury.  The doctors thought I would never walk again.  Once I got in the pool, I was able to start standing and walking again.”
  • “I have osteoarthritis in my shoulders, knees and hips, and sometimes it hurts to move.  When that happens, I just get in the warm water and I’m able to jog, walk and play with my son.”

Homeowners interested in learning more about this line of HydroWorx home pools, the same type of pool that Galen Rupp trains in, featured in ESPN, as well as the installation options available, are invited to visit  or call (800) 753-9633.


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    1. We no longer offer HydroWorx products specifically for your home. To find a facility near you to access HydroWorx technology, please use the pool locator on our website>> While we no longer offer our swimspas for the home, our commercial 500 Series pool is available for home use. If you are interested in purchasing the same technology as our elite sports and healthcare customers or would like to try a pool at one of our current customers, please contact us.

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