HydroWorx proves beneficial for Track and Field Athlete

HydroWorx proves beneficial for Track and Field Athlete

A University of Akron track athlete demonstrates how HydroWorx helped get him healthy, injury free and in shape for his track and field season. Due to the variety of events for track and field, athletes experience a wide variety of injuries. This athlete, a high jumper, for the University of Akron, was recovering from a serious, Grade 2 Hamstring strain. Now if your a high jumper, or a track athlete of any kind, you know how painful a hamstring injury can be. Take a look at this video and see how he uses the underwater treadmill, resistance jets and the water to get ready for the season.

Jason Coleman, Akron Athletics Sports Medicine, has had this athlete in the pool twice a week for about 45 minutes each time. This video takes place in the final phase of his rehabilitation process, therefore the focus was on strengthening and maintaining to ensure he was ready to start his season in January.

With an event as specific as the High Jump, Trainer Coleman created a physical therapy regiment that incorporates sports specific movements and effective exercises. As a track and field athlete, sprinting is a huge focus. Therefore, following a brief warm up, Coleman transitions the athlete into some high intensity interval training. The intervals are at 6.4mph and 66% for the resistance jets for 45 seconds and then a 30 seconds rest period. Then he moves into more sports specific movements such as single leg jumps and jumping jacks to strengthen the muscles needed for high jump.

Coleman was very pleased with the progress his athlete had in the HydroWorx pool. After only two weeks, he was able to notice visible improvements. As he says, the HydroWorx pool allows athletes to do things, when injured, that they cannot do on land. It allowed his athlete to increase his stamina and strengthen his hamstring pain free. Running underwater eliminates almost all of your body weight, therefore allowing you to run pain free without the stress and strain you would have on land. Not only is the pool beneficial for injured athletes, but any athlete that needs to increase their cardio and endurance.

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