HydroWorx Pool Gives 20-Year-Old No "Kneed" for a Wheelchair

HydroWorx Pool Gives 20-Year-Old No "Kneed" for a Wheelchair

It’s unusual for a young person to experience sudden throbbing in one of his knees, but that’s exactly what happened to Matt, Minnesota.  After being diagnosed with osteochondritis desicanns, he underwent a knee surgery on his right knee… only to have the same thing happen (i.e., severe pain) in his left knee.  Again, the diagnosis was osteochondritis desicanns.

At 20 years old, Matt didn’t want to be left in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, so he began to work with a physical therapist in a HydroWorx physical therapy pool.  By following his PT’s directives and keeping a great attitude, he was able to make great strides.  Today, he walks on land without a wheelchair, a testament to the power of water as a therapy tool.

You can see more about Matt and his therapy below:


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