HydroWorx Employees are "Top-Notch"!

HydroWorx Employees are "Top-Notch"!

At HydroWorx, we know our employees are top-notch… so we tell them that!

Each month, HydroWorx recognizes someone from our team who has provided customer service that falls under the “above and beyond” category.

Based on client comments and nominations, we select the “Top-Notch” winner by entering all the names in a hat and then drawing that month’s golden guy or gal.  (Nope, it isn’t the most scientific method of choosing a winner, but it definitely “worx”!)

So what does being called “Top-Notch” mean for the employee?  We’re glad you asked!

Beyond just being able to feel like royalty, he or she receives an award as well as an engraved Top-Notch trophy.

At the end of the year, every Top-Notch name is put into the hat and drawn again… and that person becomes HydroWorx’ Top-Notch Player of the Year.

It’s a great way to foster a little fun competition among our tight-knit group!

(If you have someone to nominate for the Top-Notch program, send an email to nbiesecker@www.hydroworx.com.)


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