HydroWorx Customers battling it out on the Court

HydroWorx Customers battling it out on the Court

The NBA Playoffs are well underway and the drama and excitement are far from subsiding.

4 teams remain in hopes of winning the NBA Championship.


The Boston Celtics

Miami Heat

Oklahoma Thunder

San Antonio Spurs


Two HydroWorx customers are battling it out for a spot in the NBA finals. The Oklahoma Thunder and the San Antonio Spurs are currently head to head in the Conference finals series. The Thunder is leading the series 3-2 as of Monday June 4th. Each team makes use of their HydroWorx 2000 series pool with an underwater treadmill and resistance jets to stay healthy and in shape. It’s no wonder why they have made it so far in the playoffs. The team is able to stay refreshed and strong by recovering in their exercise therapy pools.

San Antonio seemed unstoppable heading into the conference finals against the Thunder due to a 20 game winning streak. Well that changed sooner than expected for many Spurs fans after the 3rd game of the series. The Thunder took the last three games right out from under them, making the series 3-2 (OK Thunder leading). The most recent win came on Monday night when OK Thunder star, Kevin Durant, scored 27 points to help beat the Spurs 108-103.

The next game of the Western Conference Finals is scheduled for tonight, June 6th at Chesapeake Energy Arena (9pm ET), where the Thunder has a chance to win the conference and head to the NBA Finals. If the San Antonio Spurs come out on top, game 7 will be played on Friday, June 8th.


Be sure to watch these two HydroWorx customers battle it out on the court for a spot in the Finals. Who will come out on top?

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The Results:

Western Conference Finals

Game 1: SAS 101- OK 98

Game 2: SAS 120- OK 111

Game 3: OK 102- SAS 82

Game 4: OK 109- SAS 103

Game 5: OK 108- SAS 103

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