HydroWorx, a Premier feature for the new St. George’s Park

HydroWorx, a Premier feature for the new St. George’s Park

The Football Association (FA), England’s governing body for football (soccer) is building a premier facility unlike any other.

This facility is called St. George’s Park and the construction is well underway.

St. George’s Park will be home to 24 England football teams, both men and women’s teams. One could only imagine the size of this facility as well as the countless amenities needed to fill it. Not only will this 330-acre sports site be home to 24 England teams, it will also be a university for football with outstanding education and medical facilities. This national football center is located in the National Forest, near Burton upon Trent, in the heart of England.

As stated in an article from The Daily Mail, this new state-of-the-art facility should prevent Premier League teams from having to send their injured players around the world to get treated because everything is all within the doors of St. George’s Park.

“Aside from the five gymnasiums, 90 seat lecture theatre, conference rooms, two hotels and 12 football pitches, there is a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy unit which contains a HydroWorx 2000 swimming pool — it is one of only six in the country and has a retractable floor. There is also an underwater treadmill.”

 ‘If you want a Premier League footballer to come here for rehabilitation, you need five-star facilities,’ said Neville. ‘If you want elite teams to come here to train, you need the latest technology. All this is here. The hydrotherapy room is amazing and the benefits are immeasurable.’

Check out the video tour of the future facility, HydroWorx is featured at the 3:26 minute mark!

To read the full article about the new facility click here.



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