Get ready, Get set, Get Healthy

Get ready, Get set, Get Healthy

This blog post has been adapted from the original online article, Walnut Ridge residents accept governor’s challenge to get fit.

Are you up for the challenge?

Walnut Ridge at Clive Senior Community, located in Iowa, has taken a huge initiative to make Iowa the healthiest state! Gov. Terry Branstand, launched the movement, ‘Let’s Move Campaign’ and the residents of Walnut Ridge are doing just that!

Nick Drey, the director of wellness at Walnut Ridge has created their own campaign, a 100-day wellness challenge. The residents have teamed up with others on their floors and have been using the facility’s fitness center, exercise swimming pool and the HydroWorx physical therapy pool.

“We are so proud our residents are showing a strong commitment to the governor’s initiative and setting an example to all seniors in the state that health and wellness is an achievable goal no matter what your age,” stated by Nick Drey

It all began on Oct 7 with the statewide ‘Start Somewhere Walk’ where participants were asked to each walk 1 kilometer. Since then the residents of Walnut Ridge have continued the challenge of walking outdoors and underwater walking, exercising in the therapy pool and generally staying active. Drey has said that the residents have begun to grasp the importance of diet and exercise and truly hope to make a difference in their state.

The challenge at Walnut Ridge ultimately helps and supports the statewide wellness challenge. The residents accumulate as many minutes as they can to help support the state. These minutes are gathered for spending time outside of regular life activities with the purpose of improving one’s health. Up to this point, Walnut Ridge has totaled more than 65,000 minutes in five weeks!

This wellness challenge has made the residents more aware how many minutes they spend improving their health as well as recognizing the importance of exercise. Since then, a lot of the members have chosen underwater walking as their form of exercise. An increase in energy, a decrease in weight and a competitive spirit are common themes mentioned by those participating.

One resident in particular states,

“The 100-day wellness challenge is awesome and the floor competition is fun and competitive at the same time.”

Be sure to watch the video facility tour of Walnut Ridge Community!

Residents at Walnut Ridge, we are so proud to see you taking the initiative to get healthy and work toward making Iowa the healthiest state in the country! Keep it up!

Who else is up for the challenge of making their state the healthiest state? Will there be a competition?



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