Galen Rupp’s Secret of Success

Galen Rupp’s Secret of Success

Galen Rupp continues to shock the world with his seemingly supernatural race times. The most recent record breaking performance was on February 21st in Stockholm, where he broke the American Record in the 3,000m. Rupp broke the indoor record with a time of 7:30.18!

It seems that Galen is continuing to get faster and stronger with each week and with each performance. Well how can this be? Why is there no plateau? Rupp effectively combines land-based running and training with specifically designed underwater treadmill workouts put together by his coach, Alberto Salazar. Galen believes the water is making him stronger and faster than he would be if he were only training on land. A 12 week research study conducted at Texas A&M University has proven that Rupp isn’t off base. The study shows that individuals who exercise on an underwater treadmill saw lean muscle mass increases primarily in the legs while lean body mass did not increase in the land treadmill workouts.  A separate study was conducted, also at Texas A&M, that focused on the effects of strength training in conjunction with underwater treadmill exercise.  The results have shown that the combination of strength training and underwater treadmill running elicited greater increases in lean mass with the added benefit of improved cardiovascular capacity.

Rupp’s latest performances not only caught your attention and our attention, but the eyes of the United States Sports Academy. Rupp is in the running for the Athlete of the Month along side a few other big name athletes including LeBron James and Joe Flacco. Join us and recognize Rupp’s outstanding performances by placing your votes today!


Let’s hear directly from Galen about his most recent races!


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