Future of Nursing Home Short-Term Rehab Includes Innovative Technologies

Future of Nursing Home Short-Term Rehab Includes Innovative Technologies

As the millions of Baby Boomers grow older year by year, they face the possibility – and, in some cases, inevitability – of heading to a nursing home one day.  But unlike the generations before them, they’re insisting upon new ways of staving off permanent care in favor of short-term rehabilitation solutions.

Their insistence isn’t simply the result of an emotional attachment to their homes; it’s also due to financial and insurance considerations.

As noted in the Philadelphia Inquirer in “Nursing home firm strengthens its rehab arm” (penned by staff writer Harold Brubaker), Genesis Healthcare’s newest Voorhees-based short-term rehab facility is following the “PowerBack” model.  This model, as the article explains:

“…[is] happening amid the financial pressure of Medicare’s 11 percent funding cuts for nursing homes… and perpetually insufficient payments for Medicaid patients…”

Consequently, progressive nursing home leaders like Genesis Healthcare, headquartered in Philadelphia, Pa., have taken those realities (and expectations) to heart and are investing in facilities that incorporate innovative technologies to promote short-term rehab options.  Part of the company’s commitment to this trend is aquatic therapy at its finest, including HydroWorx pools with embedded underwater treadmills, variable depth floors and resistance jets.

It’s truly a new dawn for the way that America looks at healthy, fit life beyond retirement.  And we’re glad that HydroWorx can be a part of this movement.


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