Free Webinar: Expand Your Business by Offering Aquatic Therapy for the Aging Athlete

Free Webinar: Expand Your Business by Offering Aquatic Therapy for the Aging Athlete

Join us next week for a free aquatic therapy webinar! On November 12 from 1:00 to 2:00pm EST, Mike Studer, President and Co-Owner of Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, will be presenting the webinar titled, Expand Your Business by Offering Aquatic Therapy for the Aging Athlete. 

This webinar will provide attendees with specific techniques for adding alternate revenue sources to a facility. Treating the aging athlete is the perfect opportunity to open your facility to more than just the typical insurance reimbursement.  The information shared in this webinar will be supported with case studies from Mike Studer’s cutting edge rehabilitation clinic. RadicalAquaticWeightLoss

Attendees will learn the unique benefits of water for the competitive athlete at all levels including:

  • Intensity in speed, force, repetitions with less breakdown
  • Endurance efforts – adding workouts on a typical day off
  • Core strengthening – managing fluidodynamics
  • Heat tolerance as desired
  • Over training and interval efforts with jet resistance

They will learn how to train the aging athlete considering things such as:

  • Effects of aging: muscular, circulatory, integumentary, respiratory, skeletal-joint
  • Injury management
  • Performance without breakdown risk
  • Rehabilitation and sport specificity re-integration
  • Case studies: Triathlete after THR (Total Hip Replacement), aging Ironman, aging marathoner

They will learn how the service is a benefit to the community, how to market to the community, and different ways to be compensated such as:

  • Private pay
  • Third Party reimbursement: Insurance pay
  • Contracted relationship to provide care for a group: school, club, team – skills based management

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About the Presenter:Gold_Seal_new_at_15_size

Mike Studer, President and Co-Owner of NWRA, has been the vice-president of the American Physical Therapy Association’s Neurology Section and is currently the Chair of the APTA Geriatric Section Balance and Falls Special Interest Group. He has been board-certified as a Clinical Specialist in Neurologic Physical Therapy since 1995. Mr. Studer has published several articles cognitive rehabilitation and has been an invited speaker at many universities and international venues since 1995. Mike has recently been honored by the American Physical Therapy Association, receiving the 2011 Neurology Section award for Clinical Excellence, given to the clinician of the year. Mike is a leader locally and nationally, influencing health care policy and reimbursement. He is the former chair of the APTA Neurology Section Practice Committee. Additionally, Mike has been an invited speaker at various community forums and support groups in Oregon.


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