Free Tip Sheet Download: Why Plunge Pools Work for Recovery & Regeneration

Free Tip Sheet Download: Why Plunge Pools Work for Recovery & Regeneration

KB4_3639webRecovery has sometimes been viewed as simply a matter of time: taking time off from training to wait for muscles and joints to loosen up and relax. Cold hydrotherapy is often used in passive recovery techniques but active recovery methods can have impressive benefits.

Finding ways to recover faster between training sessions has become the new frontier in athletics. As Lance Walker, Director of Performance at Michael Johnson Performance states:

“Getting your neuromuscular and endocrine systems regenerated can steepen the dose-response relationship to the training. Passive recovery is certainly important, but ‘active’ recovery techniques using HydroWorx are catalyzing our regeneration timelines.”

After a hard work out, hot and cold plunge pools can have a soothing effect. The natural properties of water stimulate circulation and work to reduce inflammation. Water has been used throughout history for its healing properties, but only in recent history have we seen these properties being used for athletes in their recovery from the intense stress they put on their bodies. The innovative use of contrast therapy has been producing great results for athletes that are putting their muscles through a grind on a consistent basis.

Find out more about the natural properties of water and the results they can produce by downloading our free tip sheet “Why Plunge Pools Work for Recovery & Regeneration”>>

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