Faster Knee Replacement Recovery with Aquatic Therapy

Faster Knee Replacement Recovery with Aquatic Therapy

Knee replacement surgery isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is one of the foci of a German study that’s touting immediate aquatic therapy as a way for patients to recover.

As was reported in US News & World Report: “…beginning aquatic therapy just six days after total knee replacement may lead to improved results…”

The German research study, led by Dr. Thoralf Liebs, University of Schleswig-Holstein Medical Center, Kiel, will be published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. However, a synopsis of the findings has hit the web in advance of the journal’s release.

At HydroWorx, we’ve seen many clients of our customers who have benefitted from aquatic therapy after knee and other joint replacement surgeries. For more information and inspiration, check out the following video featuring a bilateral knee replacement rehabilitation session:


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