Facility Spotlight: Georgia State University

Facility Spotlight: Georgia State University

Georgia State University Athletic Trainer Bob Murphy minces no words when talking about the benefits their HydroWorx therapy pool and plunge pool have had on the institution’s highly-regarded athletic programs. As he discusses the unique ways the pools are used for injury treatment, rehabilitation and recruitment, he is quick to add that the HydroWorx presence has set their sports programs apart from the competition.

HydroWorx 500 Series and Plunge pool at Georgia State University
HydroWorx 500 Series and Plunge pool at Georgia State University

Athletes, Coaches and Athletic Trainers Geared toward Success

Currently, the Division 1 University, located in Atlanta, GA, offers 16 competitive teams on which students can play.  From football to tennis, the institution’s diversity of athletics means one thing: plenty of young people require training, conditioning and rehabilitation throughout the school year.  Many of these athletes aspire to take their games to the professional level.  Even if they don’t, the HydroWorx pool can come into play for any athlete recovering from injuries or just trying to cross-train to improve performance.

Take the case of the 350-pound offensive lineman who had foot surgery.  Once the athlete receives the approval from his doctor to begin rehabilitation, he will be in the pool. At that point, Murphy and his team will help the football player get back his range of motion and normalize his gait.  And thanks to the buoyancy of the water, those 350 pounds will feel as little as 70 pounds depending upon the water level.

A Modern Facility with Industrial Ambiance

The HydroWorx pools are housed in Georgia State University’s football facility sports medicine area, an old industrial building with an urban loft look.  The open ceilings and polished concrete floors create a modern, yet classic, ambiance that’s different from the architecture on the rest of the campus.

The therapy pool compliments the style of the sports medicine facility as it creates a comfortable environment in which athletes can walk, run, jog and rehab.  As Murphy explains, he’s found the pools to be useful for a wide range of recovery purposes, from athletes with shoulder trauma to those who have had ACL tears.

Emotional and Physical Healing for Superior Performance

Beyond the purposes of injury rehab and extra conditioning, their pools also play a psychological role, especially for athletes who cannot successfully practice on land.  The ability to move in the water when they are prohibited to do so on land, provides the athletes with the boost they need to stay on track and get back on the court, field or gridiron.

We at HydroWorx congratulate, thank and support Georgia State University, and encourage everyone to celebrate the successes of their athletes and staff members.

The same HydroWorx technology that challenges 350 lb college lineman and professional athletes, provides outstanding care to active adults and senior living communities.

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