Dive into Rehab and Training at the New Cox Rehab & Sports Medicine facility!

Dive into Rehab and Training at the New Cox Rehab & Sports Medicine facility!

At HydroWorx, we love hearing about positive stories, amazing recoveries and new facilities featuring a pool! How could you not?

Cox Rehab and Sports Medicine, in Monett, MO, is one worthy of being added to the list. At the beginning of the month, the article, Cox Rehab adds new tool to resources written by Jared Lankford was featured in The Monett Times. This article showcased the brand new facility with perfectly executed explanations about the pool’s purpose from Greg Gilmore, Cox’s athletic training coordinator.

On January 21st, Cox Rehab hosted its grand opening, highlighting the HydroWorx aquatic therapy pool with Gilmore discussing the features and benefits to all who were in attendance. “The pool has been something we were needing for a while,” said Gilmore. “We were receiving one to three calls a week asking if we offered aquatic rehabilitation. Since construction began, we started receiving three to four calls a day!”

Similar to Jose Dominguez’s story, this project ended up taking about 4 years to complete. In 2007 the project was approved, but nothing actually occurred until 2012. After much persistence and perseverance from the employees at Cox, the beautiful facility is now open, and successful. To many, the HydroWorx pool may look like an ordinary swimming pool as writer Lankford states. ‘However, the package is more like a fully loaded Cadillac for trainers.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

“Athletes recovering from knee or ankle surgery have to essentially learn to walk again,” said Gilmore. ‘”The treadmill and monitor allow us, and more importantly the patient to address proper walking techniques.”

Aquatic therapy is beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain, lower body injuries or hip/knee replacement patients. The warm water therapy pool creates a pain-free environment for patients to begin their recovery. For athlete’s, the benefits are endless. Specifically  Cox focuses on athletes recovering from ACL, MCL and lower extremity injuries. Gilmore states these benefits perfectly. He emphasizes the benefit of the water for reducing inflammation around the surgical area as well as accelerated recovery time. “The sooner you can get an athlete into therapy, the sooner they can recover. The pool gives us the opportunity to get an athlete back to 100 percent at an accelerated pace.” Speaking of getting back in competition faster, have you heard about Adrian Peterson’s story? Well in case you haven’t, the 2012 NFL MVP had reconstructive knee surgery, utilized the pool for therapy and less than nine months later found himself on the playing  field at 100%, shattering records. He then went on to have his best season by a mile, ultimately winning the MVP award. What a success!

Gilmore continues to discuss that the pool is not only used for rehabilitation but for athletes recovering from surgeries as well as for training. Writer, Lankford references our good friends, Mo Farah and Galen Rupp as prime examples of athletes who use the pool for training. Working out in the water pumps more blood throughout the body at a lower pulse rate, ‘making the heart more efficient.’

HydroWorx is proud to be included in this wonderful facility in Missouri and we are thrilled over the amount of success you are having. To read more from Greg Gilmore about how beneficial the pool is for his facility and the patients, click here! 

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