Creating a Sports Performance Movement with Opening of Elite Athletic Performance and Cumberland Aquatic Center!

Creating a Sports Performance Movement with Opening of Elite Athletic Performance and Cumberland Aquatic Center!

It certainly has not been an easy ride for West Shore’s physical therapist, Jose Dominguez, but because of his commitment and determination, things are looking up.

Last month, Jose Dominguez, owner of the current successful chain of Cumberland Physical therapy centers, opened the Elite Athletic Performance and Cumberland Aquatic Center in Mechanicsburg, PA.

This opening of his latest facility was definitely not a quick and painless process. Dominguez had a business dream of opening a place where athletes of all ages could perfect their game and prevent injuries, therefore he was determined that have that come true.

It took seven long months to just close on the building space, at a price higher than originally projected. Little did Dominguez know what was in store for this project. His bank account and business plan were worked over quite a bit and he experienced delay after delay and problem after problem.

“The remodeling team found that an addition to the ramshackle structure hadn’t been anchored with the proper concrete footers. Jose couldn’t build out his sports performance center without first firming up the building’s own foundation. Then, they discovered that the location wasn’t connected to a municipal sewer line. The next thing Jose knew, they were digging up the parking lot to lay connection pipe. Finally, nearly impenetrable bedrock stymied crews digging out the in-ground, in-door rehabilitation pool, which eventually would come complete with underwater treadmills. A two-day job turned into two weeks.” From the PennLive article, West Shore Physical therapist goes extra mile to realize his business goal, despite setbacks

At this point, Dominguez was on the hook for $1.5 million which included purchasing the building, the renovations and new equipment. But now, he must come up with another $150,000, which he did and another $11,000 at closing. Talk about getting burnt out. But wait, there’s more!

With everything almost complete, he needed another $263,000! Lo and behold, he and the bank were able to come up with it to finish the project.

This brings us to present day, where the building is now open and all construction vehicles have vanished. Clients are coming in, becoming members, using the pool, HydroWorx underwater treadmills and performance center. Dominguez is passionate about this industry and line of work. “He is out to turn personal sports performance into an individual science, one that’s custom-tailored for each athlete whether he or she be in high school, college or a weekend warrior. He wants to employ physical there techniques and pre-preemptive exercises in a proactive way that limit or even eliminate injuries.”

“It’s been stressful, but I really believe in it,” Jose says of his mold-breaking business model. “There is a need for these programs. Wellness is an up-and-coming trend. People are trying to prevent injuries. They want to stay in shape. They want to be healthier. They want to be proactive. This facility is perfect for that. People can come and stay in shape and be healthier. I’m excited about it. I’m looking forward to being successful and helping a lot of people.”

To read the full article about the dedicated Jose Dominguez and his belief in something bigger, click here.

With a story like his combined with a state-of-the-art facility filled with the latest in sports equipment, how could you not want to walk through the doors of the new Cumberland Aquatic Center? See you there!


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