Cox Monett Hospital New Rehabilitation Program

Cox Monett Hospital New Rehabilitation Program

The Cox Monett Hospital has decided to implement HydroWorx underwater treadmills in their new rehabilitation program.

Ground was broken nearly two weeks ago on the $300,000, 530 sq. ft. addition to the facility.  Water therapy can have great effects on people experiencing difficulty walking straight or issues with spastic muscle reactions.  The buoyancy of water (reducing body’s gravity by up to 90 percent), ability to track your gait pattern, and the massage hose, makes underwater aquatic therapy the perfect choice for this facility.

Darren Bass, administrative director of rehabilitation and support services says:

“Six years ago I started researching aquatic therapy as a new dimension to our rehab program,” Bass said. “A lot of people want to exercise, but it hurts with joint, back and neck pain. Those who want to change struggle. They diet, but they can’t do the exercise.”

Photo courtesy of the Monett Times

Bass, who suffers from back pain, showed his personal excitement for using the pool.

“I have considerable back pain myself,” Bass said. “When I was in the water, I ran pain free. I’m excited to use it…  The company has been around a long time. They’re the best in the business,” Bass said.”

Bass said he has four or five physicians call each week inquiring about aquatic therapy.  He will now be able to fulfill their needs.

The HydroWorx pool will arrive on December 17.  The addition to the hospital is expected to open in January 2013.

If you live are near the Monett area and would like more information, feel free to contact Cox Rehab and Sports Medicine at 417-236-2480.


We are always happy to add new customers to our family at HydroWorx.  We would like to thank Cox Monett and the rest of our customers. For more information and to read the full story, click here.


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