College Sprinters Running Pain-Free in HydroWorx Pool

College Sprinters Running Pain-Free in HydroWorx Pool

NOTE:  This week, we at HydroWorx give thanks to our clients, team and supporters.

Our first blog post highlights the power of HydroWorx pools… and we give thanks to our founders who had the foresight to understand how powerful water can be for training, therapy and health.

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There are at least two sprinters with Grade 1 hamstring strains from Akron University, Akron, Ohio, who are running pain-free thanks to their athletic training in a HydroWorx physical therapy pool.

As Jason Coleman, Akron Athletics Sports Medicine, explains in the video below, these sprinters are on course to maintain their athletic ability, strengthen their hamstrings and the surrounding musculature, and boost their overall cardio.


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