College Athletic Programs beat the Recession

College Athletic Programs beat the Recession

The following blog post has been adapted from the ESPN online article, “Arms race proves recession-proof” by Brian Bennett.

Despite the difficult economy, college sports programs are continuing to build and expand. Numerous athletic programs break ground each year to add the latest amenities and make the highest quality improvement to their facilities and stadiums. Indiana athletic director, Fred Glass describes this trend,

“It’s a little bit like [the amusement park] Kings Island,” Glass said. “Every year, you’ve got to have a new ride to show people you’re serious.”

College sports is an industry where its a must to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and trends in order to attract the right recruits, sponsors and fans. That being said, the ‘college sports arm race remains one of the few recession-proof industries’ (Bennett). Despite the 10.3% decrease of nonresidential public construction from ‘09-’11, numerous universities continue to break ground on expensive complexes. For example, HydroWorx customer, Tennessee nears completion with their $45million practice center (with a 22,000 square foot weight room and MMA cage).

Bennett names a number of other universities that have recently begun or plan to update their facilities for millions of dollars.  HydroWorx pools and underwater treadmills have been installed into almost all of the schools listed and we are proud to support and benefit these college athletes. It is important for strong college athletic programs to have the best facilities and the best treatment for their athletes and we are thankful to be included in that. (Be sure to look at the ESPN article for the outstanding facts and figures of these facilities)

The reason for the continual athletic facility improvements? A combination of “keeping up with the Joneses” and gaining a competitive to attract recruits.
‘Georgia’s McGarity says he thinks the next big trend will be in technology, as schools tailor their new facilities around the iPad generation’s needs and incorporate increased fan connectivity into their game-day experiences.’

“That’s the challenge all schools face in whatever they design for the future — keeping up with the kids and what’s important to baby boomers like me,” McGarity said. “You have to make sure you’re ahead of the curve as much as you can possibly be.”


And again we thank you for using HydroWorx to stay ‘ahead of the curve.”


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