Charcot-Mare-Tooth Addressed with Aquatic Therapy

Charcot-Mare-Tooth Addressed with Aquatic Therapy

Charcot-Mare-Tooth (CMT) is a disorder affecting hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States alone.  Those with CMT typically lose sensitivity to touch, as this inherited neurological condition causes the muscles to atrophy and weaken.

CMT cannot be cured; however, those with the disorder learn to manage their symptoms.  As was highlighted in a recent article from the National CMT Resource Center, aquatic therapy in a HydroWorx pool may be one means of keeping muscles strong and bodies mobile in a warm, weightless environment.

The article focuses on alternative ways for CMT sufferers to keep themselves healthy without turning to large amounts of medicine or surgical interventions.  In the piece, Mike Studer, president, Northwest Rehabilitation Associates, Salem, Oregon, explains:

“Because it is difficult and unrealistic to expect [CMT] patients to successfully challenge their balance without the induced motion of a treadmill,we chose a system –  HydroWorx – for our facility. HydroWorx  offers a treadmill with parallel bars feature for use in water. This allows us to provide a personalized aquatic experience that could safely challenge balance in a rehabilitation pool.”

We encourage you to read the article and find out more about CMT, hydrotherapy and HydroWorx!


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