Better than a Piece of Chocolate Cake

Better than a Piece of Chocolate Cake

“Water therapy, being in the pool, is better than a piece of chocolate cake,” added Brenda Dulany, a current aquatic therapy patient at U.P. Rehab Services in Marquette, MI.

Dulany had foot surgery back in September of 2012 and hasn’t walked on her own two feet comfortably or normally since. Additionally, she fell and re-injured the same foot 2 months later, resulting in complete dependence on a walker. She tells the Upper Michigan Source, that thanks to her warm water therapy sessions, she has made more progress than she ever thought possible.

“It took the fear away. I’m doing more things at this point that I thought was possible”- says Dulany.

U.P. Rehab Service’s Physical Therapy Assistant, Kerstin Halonen, has been working with Dulany in the water as well as many other patients at U.P Rehab. All of which are working towards the ultimate goal of becoming whole and well again. Upper Michigan Source reporter, Dustin Bonk, perfectly describes the benefits and uses of aquatic therapy in this feature. “The pool can be used to treat just about any injury or it can help athletes get a leg up on their training. The pool reduces weight and stress on muscle and joints.” This fact makes the therapy sessions in the 96 degree water quite enjoyable for Brenda Dulany. In fact, it’s so fun, it’s even better than a piece of cake!

Watch the short news segment featuring the pool at  U.P. Rehab Services from Upper Michigan Source here!

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