Benefits of Aquatic Therapy After Joint Replacement

Benefits of Aquatic Therapy After Joint Replacement

Hundreds of thousands of individuals undergo joint replacement surgery each year, and each has their own set of trials and tribulations. The good news is that aquatic therapy can provide the opportunity to begin rehab more quickly – and more importantly, with a significant reduction in pain. This article details the benefits of aquatic therapy after hip surgery.

Aquatic therapy can include the same movements as traditional land-based therapy. However, the natural healing benefits of water promote healing and lessen the pain associated with exercise. The buoyancy and hydrostatic pressure that warm water provides not only lessen the weight-bearing burden on the patient, but they also make rehabilitation more enjoyable. Not only does that provide both physical and mental benefits, but it also means that the patient is more likely to continue with the rehabilitation program, thereby improving their long-term physical condition. The National Library of Medicine conducted an incredibly interesting study on the impact of hydrotherapy versus land-based exercise for individuals suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

While it may seem that this type of therapy only applies to the lower body, as that is generally what is submerged underwater. However, aquatic therapy is excellent for any type of joint replacement – especially in products like our HydroWorx EVO that allow you to adjust the water level to fit your needs.

This provides the opportunity to not only rehab the lower body, but is also incredibly effective on other joints, such as shoulders. As this blog indicates, hydrotherapy is an excellent tool to use in recovering from shoulder surgery, While you still have the benefits of buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and reduced weight-bearing, water also provides resistance, allowing you to build strength more quickly and with less pain and swelling.

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