Talks Benefits of Cross-Training Using Underwater Treadmill Talks Benefits of Cross-Training Using Underwater Treadmill

Seton Southwest Sports Medicine Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, Oak Hill, Texas, is a HydroWorx client that got terrific press a couple weeks ago! interviewed the facility for a story on the benefits of cross-training for runners utilizing an underwater treadmill.

As was noted in the piece:

“It’s almost like running up a hill,” says physical therapist Josh Espinoza, who oversees use of the treadmills. “You’re challenging your neuromuscular system with the turbulence of the water — it challenges the core more and works balance.”

I tried it myself, stepping onto the treadmill and allowing Espinoza to lower me in to about shoulder depth. As he cranked up the jets, I ran into the current. Watching the monitors, I could clearly see that I pronate — meaning my feet tilt inward — when I run. Espinoza also ran me through a series of drills — jumping, backward running, side stepping and crossover steps.

Bottom line? A good workout, and a lot more comfortable than those harnesses that lift you partially off a land-based treadmill…

Check out the full article written by journalist Pam LeBlanc.

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