6 Benefits of Underwater Running (Infographic)

6 Benefits of Underwater Running (Infographic)

The summer is a time for getting outdoors and being more active. Triathlons, marathons and road races have become very popular ways for staying active in the summer. Many people sign up throughout the year as something to look forward to when summer rolls around. However, with an increased amount of land training and running, injuries and joint pain is inevitable. It is important to look for different techniques to use throughout your training program to help with recovery and regeneration as well as augment some of the land miles.

Alberto Salazar, Coach of the Oregon Project’s elite runners, such as Galen Rupp and Mo Farah, relies on underwater treadmill running to give his elite runners a training edge. Salazar explains: “We don’t consider it an alternative to running outside.  We consider it as important as running outside. It helps us become stronger by running against the resistance of the water and it helps us recover from our dry land training.”

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Salazar and the runners at the Oregon Project rely on HydroWorx underwater treadmill running to:

  • Supplement outside land training with 30-40 minute water runs 4-5 times/week
  • If injured, safely continue training to prevent de-conditioning
  • Increase weekly mileage for important competitions without increasing the risk of injury
  • Create a constant state of active recovery using water’s unique healing properties during runs

Learn how everyone can benefit from the use of underwater treadmill running from the “6 Benefits of Underwater Running Infographic.”


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For more on underwater running from Alberto Salazar and Dr. Dennis Dolny, download the free book “Underwater Treadmill Running”>>

Page updated on: August 7th, 2020


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