5 Ways Hydrotherapy Can Impact an Athlete’s Rehab

5 Ways Hydrotherapy Can Impact an Athlete’s Rehab

KB4_3300webGetting an athlete back into the competition is extremely important at all levels, from professional to recreational. There are often financial, team and personal implications when recovering from an injury.

Warm water hydrotherapy combined with state-of-the-art technology can create some impressive advantages for rehabilitating athletes, getting them back faster and stronger.

Here are just 5 ways it can impact rehab. With hydrotherapy you can:

  1. Offer a solution for all levels of weight-bearing ability.
  2. Begin rehab sooner to reduce inflammation and accelerate the process.
  3. Reduce pain significantly.
  4. Increase lean muscle mass and overall leg strength with underwater treadmill exercise.
  5. Rejuvenate and recover with greater impact.

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Page Updated on: August 7th, 2020


One comment on “5 Ways Hydrotherapy Can Impact an Athlete’s Rehab”

  1. It’s nice that hydroptherapy can get you better faster because water soothes the inflammation. Maybe my mother should try hydrotherapy out for her knees. Plus, if it will be even a little less painful for her, then I would definitely consider it worthwhile.

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