3 Keys to PT Clinic’s Community Partnership Success

3 Keys to PT Clinic’s Community Partnership Success

The following blog post has been summarized from the recent article, “Keys to Community Partnership Success for Your Neighborhood.” by Angie Christopher, DC, ART, MUAC, FAKIR, owner of AZ Spine Disc & Sport(AZSDS), and Curtiss Young, PT, MPT.

In this article, Angie and Curtiss suggest that being known as a “go to” care provider in the community takes more than putting out nice signage, building a website and sponsoring youth sports. The goal is to grow your business in a symbiotic way—by becoming an integral member of the community and contributing in meaningful ways. Angie and Curtiss say there are three means to this end:

  1. Networking the right way. Business owners know there is no shortage of networking events available; entrepreneurs can get lost in the vast number of events in the city, state, and even nation.  How do you pick what’s best? Angie and Curtiss discuss how and why they focus on connecting within their tight-knit suburb, Ahwatukee, AZ. Through service opportunities and business groups, they’ve become a local household name.
  2. Innovation encourages interest. The medical world is ever evolving. New equipment, modalities and processes enter the market from time to time that become game-changers for how healing happens. What is more compelling, from a community stand-point, than a local care provider seeking out and finding the best of the best to bring to its citizens? AZ Spine Disc & Sport has made a commitment to investing in the best equipment. Not only that, their business houses alternative and Western medicine disciplines under one roof; quite an unusual model. This brings interest and new patients to their practice.
  3. Anecdotal best practices speak for themselves. Nothing is better for building your practice than when patients experience great outcomes and share their stories with others. One of Angie and Curtiss’ patients sustained a tibial plateau fracture in a car accident. She spoke with friends and colleagues about her experience of rehabbing at AZ Spine Disc & Sport in the HydroWorx 300 underwater treadmill. This patient was grateful for the opportunity to have this state-of-the-art therapy in her community. Further, it was provided by a facility that also offered her pain management, chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and nutrition training.

It takes a sincere commitment to “partner” with a community through service opportunities, investing in quality modalities, and creating superb patient experiences. But doing so lays the groundwork for exceptional success.

Take a look around AZ Spine Disc & Sport to envision a HydroWorx 300 in your PT clinic space!


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